Romans 5:8

I thought I’d share some words of worth as often as I’m able. These are mainly little messages that can be used on our quilts, but sometimes they’re just really inspiring and hoping to bring you some mental energy.

Today’s words of worth is on a mug rug, something we’re thinking of making and selling on our Etsy site to raise money for the quilts.

Let us know what you think.

If your friends knew you at your most darkest moments, how confident would you feel that they’d still be willing to be your friend?

I have an anniversary coming up of a situation that’s not a celebration, but a yearly reminder of one of my darkest moments. What happened over the course of three days is so, well, unspeakable.

Some of the women who use the quilts will have similar memories, things they’ve gone through that seem unspeakable. As much as they want to speak what happened, there is the fear, that if someone knew, if the other women knew, if the support workers at the safe house knew…

We have a God, who knows those moments that we dare not share; but more than that. We have a Father, who understands our situation, who knows the depth of our shame, but who also knows our heart.

At our darkest moments God himself draws near, he knows the things we cannot speak, he knows the pains of remembering, he walks through our darkness with us, but with a love for us that even in those darkest times, He still would have sent his son.

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