The in-betweens

I’m busy making squares, but I stopped halfway through this one.

There are moments when I ask myself, “is this it?”

Maybe it’s a case of the greener grass, like the Israelites, after fleeing Egypt.

After what seemed a lifetime of desert heat, dust and manna; the complaining began, Is this it?

But they didn’t see what was to come.

We start to imagine what we had before freedom. The people we don’t connect with anymore, the excitement of the bright lights…

There’s just so much that I miss.. and yet..

When we’re away from the bright lights, we forget the blindness. We forget those friends who were great when we were up, but disappeared when we needed them most. Like the Israelites, thinking the life of a slave was better than freedom. We start to think we were free, when really, we were chained.

I’ve come far, but is this it?

And then I hear that sweet, small voice…

“I didn’t bring you out this far to take you back again”

I remember a song I first heard at a Jesus Army meeting,

He did not bring us out this far to take us back again, He brought us out to take us into the promised land.

Though there be Giants in the land I will not be afraid, he brought us out to take us into the promised land.

But he brought us out from there to bring us in and give us the land he promised on oath to our ancestors.

Deuteronomy 6:23

When you think of a rescue situation, a fireman (or woman) bringing a person out of a building, a lifeguard pulling someone from the water; They lay the person down, then the healing begins. Then after the healing, the hospital, then the journey onwards.

These moments, when we start to question Where we’re going? Why we seem to have stopped? Why things are not happening?

When we look up and ask, “Is this it?”

We do not see the picture as God sees and perhaps these moments when we’re wondering if this is all there is are moments in between. The moment in-between the fireman finding us and the ambulance taking over, the in-between the lifeguard pulling us out and starting CPR. Maybe we’re even further along and in the moment between the hospital stay and the discharge. I can imagine if all we see is the view from a hospital window, then we might long to return to the old ways, lying in a hospital bed is no fun. We don’t yet see the park of fresh green grass just past the hospital gate.

These in-between moments can be frustrating if we view them with our eyes, but if we recognise that those days, when we ask if this is all there is, we need to recognise the view from Gods eyes.

We may be seeing the view from the hospital bed, but the discharge papers are about to be signed.

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