Card Kits available

Finally, we have an option available for those who want to make a square for the quilts but can’t make it to one of our quilt gatherings.

Our card kits are on sale on the Etsy shop at a cost of £8 (which includes UK postage). These kits include the materials you need to make one square for the quilts and a lovely card for yourself or someone you know who needs encouragement.

You are Loved

Each kit includes two squares of cotton and 8 metres of embroidery thread in a wide variety of colours so you have plenty of choice to work with. You can even chose to make both squares for a quilt and return them both to us, but why not inspire someone you know and give one as a card and send one back to us?

If you want to buy a card kit (and why wouldn’t you?) the link is here..

To make the kits you also need some scissors, a sewing needle, an Iron and board and a small embroidery hoop (though this is not essential)

They come in a random set of colours, but if you want a specific colour email us and we’ll see what we can do.

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