Jesus himself drew near

Some time ago I wrote a blog post about my dad and his love of singing, although, if you asked most people what they thought about him, singing would probably never be mentioned.

For dad, it’s not just singing songs, it’s the words of hymns and the messages they bring.

It feels like forever ago, but it’s been two months since my dad became ill and was taken to hospital. A few days later I sat by his bed along with mum and their Salvation Army captain. I should say that thankfully he’s still with us, but for those few days we were there expecting to send him home to God.

My dad had turned 90 a few days earlier, so this day has been at the back of my mind for a long time. How would I cope when my dad wasn’t around? I imagined I’d be so devastated that I’d probably disappear until it was all over, then return and act as though nothing had happened, but dad needed me and so I stayed by his side.

My dad taught me that the Salvation Army song book is important, it’s a part of worship. I don’t know what day it was or even whether it was day or night, but at one point, I was holding dads hand and he started saying words to a song…

If human hearts are often tender,
And human minds can pity know;
If human love is touched with splendour,
And human hands compassion show,

Then how much more shall God our Father
In love forgive, in love forgive!
Then how much more shall God our Father
Our wants supply, and none deny!

If sometimes men can live for others,
And sometimes give where gifts are spurned;
If sometimes treat their foes as brothers,
And love where love is not returned,

Then I would sing the song to him, and the Captain would write the song down. In one sense, dad was telling us what he wanted at his funeral, but he was also doing what I’d grown up seeing him do. Find strength in words of songs.

Then he’d talk about the homeless, telling us over and over that “No man is beyond Hope”. The words of his singing being backed up with his passion for the people he loves.

Two months later, he’s still in hospital, I don’t know what to tell you! I don’t know the outcome. A few weeks ago my mum also joined him in hospital, again, I don’t know the outcome.

But one thing I know is that Jesus himself drew near that night in hospital.

I did what you shouldn’t do, I wore myself out! I spent a long time at the hospital and at my mums with just my ipad and with no knitting to do I began sketching on the ipad. Each sketch based on the words of a song.

Then I decided to turn them into cards, each with the full hymn written inside

Well, if you want one, they’re on Etsy and Ebay, but in the meantime, I’m sharing them here. Making them have helped me get through the past few months and I hope they help someone else who needs to be reminded of the Hope we have.

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